About The Proposed Development in Arnold, Maryland . . .


Koch Homes is proposing the building of a community of 75 townhomes (non-age restricted) on East Joyce Lane in Arnold, MD.  This development would be built on 15 wooded acres (zoned R-5, which means five homes per acre).  This plan proposes a 4-way stop sign to be created at the intersection of the new development and Hardy Road and a terraced stormwater management system running into the creek (Chesapeake Bay Watershed) at the rear of the property.  Although this website focuses primarily on the East Joyce Lane proposed development, Koch Homes is also proposing other projects that will significantly impact our way of life in Arnold, Maryland as well as on the entire Broadneck Peninsula.  The other Koch Homes projects include a community on Jones Station Road in Arnold, a community on Pendleton Avenue and College Parkway in Arnold and four single-family homes off of Arnold Road behind the Furniture Solutions Store (formerly Danker Furniture).  The total number of proposed new homes in Arnold by Koch Homes alone is 260.  The new "open" status of the Broadneck schools will also allow for other developers to follow.  Another developer, Joyce Lane Properties, is already proposing a community of 42 additional townhomes on Ritchie Highway between Arnold Safeway and East Joyce Lane.

Read the stories from The Capital Newspaper on the proposed development here:

http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/top/2010/08/02-31/Broadneck-poised-for-260-new-homes.html?ne=1  (by Erin Cox)

http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/col/2010/08/05-46/Eric-Hartley-Where-do-developers-rights-stop.html  (by Eric Hartley)

http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/top/2010/08/12-33/Grass-roots-Arnold-group-opposes-development.html  (by Erin Cox)

Broadneck Patch Article:  http://broadneck.patch.com/articles/arnold-conservation-team-unites-against-development  (10/2010)


Anne Arundel County School Waiting List . . .

There are currently 221 proposed homes on the Anne Arundel County Planning & Zoning waiting list for Broadneck schools.  This listing does not yet include the 75 townhomes proposed on East Joyce Lane as well as some of the other proposed development projects for Arnold.

NEW!  IMPORTANT UPDATE:  At the Anne Arundel County Council Meeting on August 16th, 2010 the School Board reported that there are actually more than 450 homes in the pipeline to be built.